The Manitoba Lung Association sells tulips as part of our annual fundraising program – the Breath of Spring Tulips Campaign. Not only is the tulip one of the first signs of spring it is also considered a scent-friendly flower for people with allergies and chronic lung conditions. The Breath of Spring Tulip Campaign has been the single largest annual fundraiser for the Manitoba Lung Association since 1999.

Dave and Shane from Modular Storage Systems in Winnipeg spent about six hours Monday delivering Tulip bundles to various businesses in support of Lung Cancer research. They had a great time are looking forward to supporting the foundation moving forward.

Enjoy some pictures of our guys out there doing their thing!

If you’re wondering what all those boxes are in the front of the truck… it was too cold for flowers in the back of the cube and we didn’t want to risk damaging the flowers, so we stuffed outselves in REAL TIGHT, it was a good laugh.