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Eco-Friendly Storage at Low Cost

Eco-Friendly Storage Options
If you are moving – or have ever moved in your life – you know the drill. We have all been there. You purchase cardboard boxes (for a whopping $2.85!) You have to get one of those roller tape rolls (?!) and then begin to build your box. Here’s hoping you do it correctly and tape all the right parts, so that it doesn’t fall apart on you in the end. When you get into your new space, your things come out of the cardboard box and you have to break it down and find recycling (hopefully) for it – or **shudder to think** it goes in the trash.  What if there was a better option?

eco-friendly storage winnipeg

Good News – There is a better option:
For $2 more, you can rent a MOD3 which is a beautiful piece of eco-engineering. These eco-friendly storage MODs are sturdy, already built, and ready to pack.  They are great for clothes, books, breakables, seasonal items (Christmas or Halloween decorations).  We love seeing creative photos of our MODs in use. What can YOU fit into a MOD?

We will wait for you:
Watch this funny video our MOD experts put together. I think “I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons is a pretty fitting song, don’t you?

Help the environment and help yourself! Call us at (855) ITS-MODULAR or visit one of our storage locations in Winnipeg, Regina and Saskatoon.  You can also request your eco-friendly storage pick-up online at, day or night.

Who knew saving money and the environment could work hand in hand?  It’s a win for you and Mother Earth.  Book online now and save $10 on your initial order! Modular Storage Systems plus you equals a win, hands down.

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Realtors: Stage, Move & Store with Modular Storage

Home staging Winnipeg, Saskatoon & Regina:  Why?

May means that time of year is upon us – the moving season. It’s time for home staging and selling.  Once the house goes – it’s time to assist clients with moving and storage.  Home Staging Winnipeg, Saskatoon & Regina can be easy, if you know who to call.

Furthermore, Home Staging is a critical element that’s needed to sell a home quickly and effectively. Most homes that have been professionally and tastefully staged bring in a higher return on investment. Home staging can make customer’s homes stand out above the competition. Statistics show that home staging can bring in top dollar and even help your home sell for more than the original listing price.

Home Staging Winnipeg, Saskatoon & Regina: The Process

The staging process includes decluttering, brightening up the dark areas, and even small to mid-sized renovations. The focus is on first impressions with potential buyers. It has been shown that following this process can offer a 585% ROI and increase the price of the home by nearly $2,000, on average! These numbers were taken from The HomeGain survey conducted with 600 real estate agents in 2011.

home staging winnipeg

Home Staging Winnipeg, Saskatoon & Regina: Modular Storage Systems

Modular Storage customers can receive assistance with the home staging process to get rid of the clutter. We have standing storage options that can stay in the backyard and hold some of the “stuff”. We also have mobile storage options where we can come, pick up any of your stuff, and store it for the day, week, or month, and then return it back to you once the staging process is complete.

Home Staging Winnipeg, Saskatoon & Regina: Realtors

Finally, Realtors, please enjoy a Special Realtor Discount with Modular Storage for your clients to help ease the home buying and selling process. Simply mention the CODE given by the Modular Specialist in your city. Our knowledgeable mobile sales representatives can come out and help customize your clients’ packages.

Home Staging Winnipeg, Saskatoon & Regina: Tips

Most of all we want to share some home staging tips that we have learned over the past few years are:

  • Your kitchen and bathrooms should be your main focus when it comes to staging your home to sell. In fact, the value of your home has a lot to do with these two rooms.  Buyers tend to pay extra attention to them. It is important that you clean them thoroughly – even if it means hiring a cleaning service.  Remove any extra items.
  • Remember, potential buyers will want to check out cabinets for storage space so make sure yours are well organized and clutter-free. You may even want to replace cabinet knobs, faucets and/or light fixtures to a more updated and modern feeling if needed.
  • Consider the space you have.  Not everyone wants a craft or sewing room or a fitness center. Try turning these rooms into something more common, such as a home office or extra bedroom. Make potential buyers feel at home by removing your family photos and renting furniture if yours is in poor condition.
  • Finally, do not ignore the outdoors – first impressions are everything in a sale.

Give us a call to assist with the moving or storage of stuff for any stage in the home staging and selling process!

Downsizing Series – Five Reasons to Downsize

In today’s world, we tend to have more stuff than we actually need. Our society has been brainwashed to believe that with success comes the accumulation of more stuff. The idea that “bigger is better” is our way of life in North America.

However, we feel like times are beginning to slowly change. Stuff = clutter and clutter is not good for the mind. Most of us have discovered that having more things actually tends to make us more irritable and not as happy as we once thought. This is an exciting time.

Downsizing is a term that I’m sure you have all heard. It is figuring out a way to have less stuff and, ultimately, more efficiency with the things we do have.

Here are six reasons why you may want to consider downsizing:

1.  Getting rid of clutter

We all know the feeling of looking at our living room or kitchen and seeing heaping piles of laundry to put away, loose paperwork, and random knick knacks all over the place. Maybe it’s toys or, if your kids are all grown up already, it could be the random collections we tend to have as empty nester’s – magazine piles, the ten remotes we need to run all of our electronics, golf clubs, Kitchen-Aid mixers, and all the other equipment we need to live our lives. So we all have also experienced the feeling of saying in anguish, “There’s just too much stuff in here!”

Getting rid of clutter literally clears away a mental obstacle we have to living our best lives. It allows us to see more clearly and feel calmer. Isn’t that reason enough alone to downsize?

2.  Freeing up living space (i.e. becoming more mindful)

Just as I mentioned above, often clearing the clutter frees up literal living space. You can breathe better through the organization and glistening new walls that you haven’t seen in months. Once you replace that dowdy old sofa chair that was taking up twice the amount of space, you can place a modern looking plant that cleanses the air and places a feeling of freshness to your house. When you take out the big, looming bookshelf and books you haven’t read in years, you can replace it with the beautiful new cookbooks you’ve purchased so that they’re actually on hand when you want to make that go-to meal. Your space becomes functional and a lot more about living.

3.  Make money

An expression I once heard was, “Everything’s for sale for a price.” While this might not be true about your passed down grandfather clock, I’m sure that there is a lot of other things you may have in your space that someone else would spend a pretty penny to acquire. With sites like Kijiji, where you can place used furniture, clothing and equipment online,  you could be sitting on a fortune.

4.  Help somebody else

There are many organizations that will take in donations and give them to those who truly need them. Not only that, there are a few that will actually come and pick up your items for no cost. All you have to do is make a phone call into Salvation Army, or other organizations in your local town, and that old fridge that’s been sitting in your garage will be whisked away to someone who can’t afford one in a moment’s notice. Now that’s a reason to smile!

5.  Ease personal crisis

This is a sensitive topic, but one that is close to home. When my parents decided to suddenly leave my family home after 12 years of being there, I had to make a specific  (and costly) trip home in order to go through my personal belongings.  There are times when other types of crisis arise, like losing a job or a death in the family. This can be one of the greatest reasons to think about downsizing, because you don’t want your loved ones to be stuck having to figure everything out on their own if something was to happen. It’s tough to think in these sensitive times and downsizing before a crisis can save a ton of time and heartache.

6.  Efficiency

Sometimes downsizing is simply a matter of efficiency. If you don’t really need those three extra bedrooms, but there are special items you would like to keep safe regardless of the size of your home, you could downsize to a smaller place and store these things with a mobile storage company. These companies come to you, rather than you having to go down to a dusty storage unit yourself. They bring you boxes, you pack up what you need in them, and they whisk them away. When Christmas rolls around and you need those decorations, you simply go online and order them right to your door. Sometimes this time saving and use of efficient storage can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars – depending on how much you’ve been storing in that big old house!

The MOD Blog – Stories of Modular Storage and the Community

We have been blogging for a few years now, and it had occurred to us that we have never published a post explaining why we blog! It would seem to most people that a storage company would not have very much to blog about. On the contrary, after being in business for over 25 years, we find we have lots of stories to tell. Not only what our business has to offer, but also stories about some great work charities and other organizations are doing in our community. We try and help out how we can, so we often get a first hand look at what they are doing and we like to share it with you!

In our blog you will find various stories about what amazing feets local charities are pulling off in respect to events and fundraising. We are currently present in 3 communities, with 5 facilities, in Regina, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg. And in each community we strive to help out where we can, parterning with charities that find our services useful. You probably have seen us at various marathons where we provide event storage so runners can run care free. You may have also seen our truck at other events like the Dragon Boat Festival in Saskatoon where do both event storage, and provide our various handy Mobile Storage units to make the event go just a little bit smoother. We love participating as much as we can in the community, and we love sharing what is going on through our blog!

The other part to our blog is sharing stories about our products and services. We either post about different aspects to our products that most people would not think of. That way when people go to use our MODs or facility storage they can use them to the best of their abilities. Our 25 years of experience in the business makes sure you are not beginning your storage or moving experience blind! Especially if it is your first time. Yet, in the same way, we are constantly learning from our customers. We are proud to say that we have had, and still do have, some amazing and creative clients. Some posts you will see on this blog are stories about some very creative individuals who we have got to know over the years. With permission of our clients we share their stories!



Modular Storage Systems recently partnered with Reed Security to protect their newest Self Storage Facility in Saskatoon at Sutherland (331-103rd Street East)

We designed a layered security solution consisting of:

  • ReedHD Hi-Def Cameras that capture Faces and License Plates
  • ReedHD Hi-Def Cameras that protect the interior and exterior of the building – including down individual isles
  • Optional: ReedHD Smart Camera Technology. Cameras can detect intruders and notify the client. The client can talk down to the site or trigger loud outdoor sirens and strobe lights. “Hey! You in the Red Jacket…the Police Are On The Way!”
  • Easy-to-Use Video Management Software allows the client to quickly review HD video using a SEARCH BAR. “Review Hours in Minutes”
  • Display Adjustment allows you to manipulate recorded HD video. “Change the brightness and contrast of recorded video to get the quality the Police can use.”
  • All events are recorded in HD for at least 30 days.
  • All HD video can be accessed remotely within the building or remotely via high speed internet (by iPhone, iPad, Android apps or PC).
  • Alarm System with 24/7 Monitoring of Burglar, Fire and Panic signals. We quickly notify the proper authorities.
  • Future ability to add an Access Control Keypads that restricts access to an electric sliding gate – control WHO goes WHERE and WHEN
  • A layered security solution:
  • Decreases Theft, Liability, False Claims, and Losses.
  • Increases Productivity, Accountability, and Profits.

If you would like more information on any Reed Security Product or Service please Click Here

FREE ESTIMATES in Prince Albert call 306.922.7200
FREE ESTIMATES in Saskatoon call 306.653.3200

We aren’t your average storage company in many ways! Please check out our reStoring Hope program of which we sponsor over 35 children throughout the globe!

The 5 Most Outrageous Self Storage Stories

For most of the time, Self-Storage Facilities are normal places for normal people to store normal stuff — TVs, boxed-up memorabilia, mattresses and so forth. But every once in awhile, things get more than a little weird in the world of storage. This interesting infographic recounts “The 5 Most Outrageous Self-Storage Stories.” Actually, “outrageous” doesn’t even begin to describe the self-storage hijinks chronicled.

Mobile Storage from Modular, in particular, eliminates a lot of time you would have otherwise spent Moving or Storing. The only steps are; Modular drops off the MODS you requested, you fill them up, Modular picks them up to store, then they drop them off, and you just call Modular to have them to pick the MODS up when you’re done! You barely have to leave your own home to store any more!


Ever wonder what people store at a Storage Facility? This handy infographic will show you and maybe surprise you!

moishes ig

We aren’t your average storage company in many ways! Please check out our reStoring Hope program of which we sponsor over 35 children throughout the globe!


You have everything packed, friends and family are there to help and you have a moving truck to get to your Modular Storage Unit. Rain starts to pour, what do you do? Here’s a handy look at Moving In The Rain:


Can You Customize Your Storage Options?





Don’t you wish you can get what you want, exactly how you want it, and precisely when you want it? In today’s fast paced world, you can customize everything; from style to price or availability, you can get more that you ever expected (or even knew you wanted).





Technology has made everything readily available, you can easily go online and order practically anything to be delivered right to your doorstep. The fact that the Storage Industry has evolved so much over the last decade, we at Modular Storage Systems wonder if everyone out there really knows ALL of their options when it comes to moving and storage.



So can you customize your storage options? YES, you can! MOD’s are the newest option for moving and storage. For those who aren’t familiar with these products, MOD’s are containers that are dropped off at a location of your choice, where you can load or unload them, and then have the containers picked up at your convenience and taken to our facility or another location of your choice.



This is a time saving option that gives you the freedom to load and unload at your own pace, right in your own yard with no need to rent a moving truck! Not only do we provide the large MOD320 but you can eliminate cardboard boxes by using our MOD3’s, MOD5’s and MOD40’s.






The convenience of the MOD’s and the variety of sizes will take all the stress out of the packing process.


Modular Storage Systems Has A New Location!

We are excited to announce that we have purchased an existing storage facility in Winnipeg, located at 545 Hervo Street.  The location is just off of Pembina with easy access to the University of Manitoba and the western part of the City of Winnipeg.  As with all our other locations we offer great pricing, friendly faces and many storage solutions to help simplify your life.  We offer both Mobile and Self Storage at both locations in Winnipeg.  Please drop by the facility to check us out or call us at (204) 453-0000!

We have some great upcoming charity events in Winnipeg, including the Shoppers Drug Mart Woman’s run on May 24th, the 5ish Fun Run on June 1st and the Arthritis Walk on June 8th. Please come by to show your support to any or all of these great community events!

This last month we added more sponsor children bringing our total up to 45 sponsored children all over the world.  For more information on our efforts please visit


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